Heart Brain Harmony Benefits, Science and the 3 Min 3 Steps Heart Brain Coherence Meditation

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Introducing the most profound ritual to transform and improve your life in every way imaginable by tapping into the science of heart brain harmony aka heart brain coherence. Let’s explore the step by step meditation on how to achieve heart brain coherence, as well as spotlight the profound benefits, leading edge scientists, and fascinating research behind these discoveries.

Cheers to you for learning more about the ultimate inner beauty ritual to expand your horizons. Honoring your selfcare by implementing into your lifestyle this three minute ritual will enhance your life with benefits from anti-aging and longevity, to powerful intentional manifesting for integrating love, compassion, health and connecting to the energy that grants your dreams to come true. I don’t think it gets better than this babe!

Meet the expert scientist Gregg Braden

“Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D. 

Gregg Braden is my favorite scientist to learn from as he is best known for filling in the gap between science and spirituality. He is an American author with several books that have become bestsellers thanks to his research, lectures and education. Gregg is celebrated on the Gaia Network regularly as a host on several mind blowing docuseries. The UK’s Watkins Journal listed him among the top 100 of “The world’s most spiritually influential living people”. Yet his expertise reaches far beyond an audience interested in the mystical as he presents real scientific evidence of the law of attraction, mind over matter and quantum physics.

Manifestation energy | The hearts feelings from emotions created by thoughts and beliefs

elevated feeling. elevated emotion. elevated vibration. elevated beliefs. elevated experience. 

The greatest advice in the realm of quantum manifestation and law of attraction is that elevated emotions and feelings are the secret ingredient to the recipe of manifesting. To fully understand how emotional energy is integrated into the quality of manifestation occurring in our life’s journey, we have to spotlight the heart connection. 

Let’s focus on the important manifestation tool of elevated feelings. An elevated emotion creates feelings which are a vibrating waveform projecting from the heart. An intense feeling based on fear or love and when it is felt longer than a simple brief second, it becomes a fuel as a more powerful attracting magnet to receive the likeness of the quality of your emotions on the subject that is holding your attention.

In other words, to put the scientists’ work in layman terms, I can sum it up like this. When people put a thought or word (which are vibrational energy) out into the quantum field and pair it with an elevated feeling, the universe responds in the form of manifestation where like attracts like. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. 

We manifest everything in this world unconsciously most of the time. Yet, the more people understand just how powerful they are and start to play around with this knowledge in their own energy fields, the faster conscious intentional manifesting can occur. I see it as an art form.

Heart brain coherence benefits

When we harmonize our heart and our brain together it gives us our super abilities. This simple, free and always accessible 3 step brain heart meditation process literally works miracles. The benefits are astonishing and worth tapping into the brain heart energy at least once a day requiring only three minutes.

Thanks to the pioneering research at the Institute of HeartMath, this scientifically proven method that Gregg Braden shares has benefits that transcend outdated mindset tips and really helps to pave the way for the world to evolve on a profound level. 

For only three minutes of doing this simple practice, the body will reap the rewards of these powerful attributes for up to six hours experiencing a cascade of biochemical events triggering over 1300 positive biochemical reactions in our bodies.

Let’s take a look at some of the most celebrated benefits of brain heart coherence.

Subconscious access

The door opens as a conduit to our subconscious which allows us to awaken our relationship with our innate inner being offering extraordinary potentials in the realm of self healing and inner guidance. This is the doorway to unlock most of the superhuman benefits available to us. No longer requiring a hypnotist to delve into this subconscious storage of treasury as we have now learned how to tap into the subconscious mind on demand.

Super learning and information processing

We can think and solve problems really quickly. An access to our memory of almost total recall in a manner that most people cannot access.

Deep intuition on demand

To be connected to your intuition you want to receive an answer from the heart. It is a direct knowing from our heart. A knowing of when something is true for us and when it’s not. Connecting to the heart through the 3 steps 3 minute heart brain meditation is the perfect time to  ask questions to your heart’s intelligence. You will receive an answer in a very short, direct and concise manner. On the contrary, if you are given an answer that tells a story of justification, then the answer received was from the brain rather than the heart. 

Energy boosting 

The brain exhausts and depletes the energy levels of the body with a common issue that many people have which is overthinking. Once the heart is in coherence, choices and guidance becomes much more straightforward which offer the body the opportunity to store energy for other uses.

Elevated creativity 

The quiet and undistracted moments are when we can access bursts of inspiration and information that lead to an elevated creativity level.


A powerful immune response kicks in. One example in the research shows that the white blood cells of your mouth, the SiGA response firstline immunity, reflect an immunity boost for up to six hours. 


Anti-aging hormones kick into overdrive.

Self healing

Our bodies interpret heart brain harmony as a language that our bodies recognize. A love language which manifests healing. This is where self healing miracles take place creating faster recoveries and even spontaneous healing miracles.


Studies have shown that the longest living people in the world have credited their secret to longevity from connecting to compassion and love as a lifestyle. Proving that the accessing of the heart energy is vital to living a long life.


The benefit of knowing how to play the game of manifestation is the ultimate prize. This video explains an in depth scientific perspective on how manifestation actually works and how the heart brain meditation triggers a relationship with the quantum field uncovering the process involving neurons, magnetic waves, electrical waves, pulsating atoms and their relationship to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

How to achieve the heart brain coherence meditation proven by science | 3 step 3 minute ritual 

I invite you to try this heart brain coherence meditation once a day as your new favorite selfcare ritual. Or if you really want to transcend the benefits explored with this practice, every 6 hours or so would ignite an even more powerful ability and healing within yourself. Make way to be mind blown, or should I say heart blown for this very simple, practical and free practice to implement into your life for only 3 minutes. So worth it, even for us busy go-getters.

Let’s take a look at the easy yet profound 3 steps 3 minute ritual, taking it step by step.

step 1

Awareness to the heart

“The first step is to simply shift your awareness from your mind into your heart. It helps if you can gently touch your heart center physically, in a way that’s comfortable for you as your awareness will always go to the place where you feel the sensation.

step 2

Breath slow

Second step is very simple. Slow your breathing a little bit slower than typical. Maybe five seconds inhale, five seconds exhale. 

step 3

Feel feelings that create 0.1 hertz

Third step, and this is the key, is to begin to feel the feeling that creates 0.1 Hertz. Feel the feeling that sets up the coherence between your heart and your brain. Scientists have found at the Institute of HeartMath that there are four key words that work almost 100% of the time for everyone. Appreciation for anything or anyone, gratitude for anything or anyone, care and compassion. If you can feel one or some combination of those feelings in your heart while you’re breathing, as if your breath is coming from your heart touching your heart center. Now, you’re setting up this communication between heart and brain. 

Now, you are triggering those neurons to begin to reach out and find the other neurons to strengthen this connection… It takes about 72 hours, three days to build these networks. So that means the more you do… the stronger this connection becomes in your life. We can do this anytime of day. You can do it before you sleep at night, first thing when you wake up in the morning. This technique, as simple as it seems, is a powerful key to awakening the greatest potential in your life… the key to our personal power and to the doorway of all the abilities considered rare and mystical in the past.” – Missing Links with Gregg Braden

The science behind heart brain coherence 

Scientist explanation of law of attraction

This short video breaks down an incredible scientific explanation on how feelings and beliefs create waves projecting from the mind and the heart which manifests reality via the quantum field.

Video | Law of attraction scientifically explained

The vibration of feelings and emotions through the heart’s electrical and magnetic fields

“Scientists know today that if you change the electrical field or you change the magnetic field, you change the atoms… The organ in your body that produces the strongest electrical field is your heart and it’s where you have the feelings. A feeling is actually creating waves of electrical, magnetic energy in your heart that changes your body and it changes the world. The human heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic fields in the body. The heart’s electrical field is 100 times stronger than the brain. The heart’s magnetic field is up to 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field. Our heart produces the fields that change our world and change our body. Beliefs create the electrical waves, beliefs change those magnetic waves. What you believe about yourself, what you believe about me, what you believe about your world, about your relationship to God, about peace on this Earth is creating what is happening on this Earth right now. Beliefs change our physical world. Beliefs change matter.” – Gregg Braden | Missing Links

Resources to learn more about heart brain coherence

“I am magical” homework assignment 

I encourage you to learn so much more from the experts about the science behind these topics. Their leading edge in-depth explanations and educational offerings are profound. Take this deep dive to learn actionable steps to up your law of attraction game, preserve your youth and longevity, boost your immune system and tap into your inner wisdom.

Grab your favorite manifestation journal to take notes because who doesn’t want to document iconic advice on how to be a dream weaver, a magic wand conductor, or a quantum field sculptor!  

Funny enough, the more you learn about these methods, it really does feel like a game. You start to watch your manifested reality materialize and it really strikes you and takes you back by gasp. There is this feeling of gold glitter falling from the sky dancing all around you creating moments where you do feel magical AF. Life becomes a constant state of thinking, “Wow, look how fast I created that, I know exactly why this manifested”. 

Reflecting on both the good and bad manifestations can be viewed from a higher perspective with a more educated understanding of how you influenced the quantum field. Want to learn more about brain heart harmony aka brain heart coherence? 

There are AMAZING documentaries, series and non-profit organizations dedicated to evolving humanity by sharing their wisdom on how to manifest intentionally through the scientific studies of the heart and brain connection.

A few of my favorite resources that I know will help you to become an empowered manifester include…

Missing Links with Gregg Braden

Discover the Divine Matrix with my personal favorite scientist to learn from, Gregg Braden, as he connects science and spirituality to reveal a new understanding of humanity’s history and the power of our heart’s intelligence. Revealing what the ancient mystics knew, “The Divine Matrix, a field of subtle energy that underlies all of creation, is real. It gives rise to every manner of time, matter, energy and consciousness as it permeates and connects all things.” He teaches how the Divine Matrix influences you, and how you can influence it.

Rewired with Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches people, (and why not you?) how to connect the heart and mind to perform miracles. He even has the data to prove it, thanks to his many years of research into the brain and human biology. His work documents and shares the latest findings on what is humanly possible for creating massive transformation in our lives. A true hero if you ask me.

HeartMath Institute

Pioneer research organization that researches the human heart in non conventional ways based on rock solid science. “HeartMath Institute empowers individuals, families, groups and organizations to enhance their life experiences using tools that enable them to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.” This nonprofit organization’s research and education aligns with their “mission to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the way of love, which they demonstrate through compassionate care for the well-being of themselves, others and Planet Earth.” 

I am thrilled to be able to share this inner beauty wisdom with you! I spent over 60 hours researching and documenting brain heart coherence to compile the most important takeaway info for you all shared in this article! I really hope you give it a try and see just how empowering this technique is for yourself. I see you happier, healthier and thriving on a level that’s so beautiful, blissful and fulfilling! I swirl my glass of Provence rosé and cheers to you babe!

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