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Is there anybody out there? The wondrous notion that we are not alone stimulates earthlings to remember that we are made of stars. Align with this intergalactic dream of hybrid tribes to become starstruck by stellar shades of light blondes accenting all skin tones, glittery gleaming makeup textures and futuristic fantasy inspirations. Makeup & AI artist Marika D’Auteuil illuminates a universal truth that we all share a common heritage born from the ashes of stardust in virtue of the ethereal supernova.

Interview | Makeup and AI Artist Marika D’ Auteuil

Interview by Kayla MiChele

AI Art

How were you first introduced to the world of making AI art? 

I discovered artificial intelligence thanks to my boyfriend. One morning he sent me an Instagram image that seemed to be behind the scenes of a science fiction movie and I immediately wondered who had made this character, the clothes, the makeup, the hair. 

I thought it was extraordinary and by searching I ended up understanding by reading the comments of this image that it had been generated with the help of artificial intelligence. So I researched on the subject all day and I got into it. I spent 12 hours that day practicing creating images with AI ​​and I never really stopped exploring since.

How come some of the AI art I see out in the world looks so realistic and some you can totally tell it’s AI? 

People think creating with AI is ‘easy’ but it is not as easy as it seems to make beautiful and unique images that don’t look like all the rest. The ones that are really posting remarkable stuff right now are all career artists who understand the visual balance and have an eye for it. Anyone can pick up a camera, that doesn’t make you a good photographer. Same for AI, it is just a tool, it’s how you use it that really makes the difference. 

What do you think the world of AI art will be like 10 years from now?  

It’s really hard to say… to predict the future. But with the sudden boom of artificial intelligence in all industries and how fast it’s evolving, there’s not really much that will surprise me honestly. I think the possibilities are endless. It might be the last thing humans will invent, who knows. The machine will do the rest for us.

Do you think AI will take over makeup artist jobs in the future? 

I don’t think AI can replace makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers etc. It takes a real creative mind to hold the reins of the machine, the machine can’t create on its own. She needs artists, they won’t be able to get rid of us just yet! I believe that yes there are parts of our work, and this in all industries, which will change and that’s for sure. For the moment, it’s too early to say what exactly will change, but our creativity, our techniques, our knowledge of the industry, of customer service, our communication and our warmth are all things that cannot be replaced by a computer. 

What is your favorite thing about creating AI art? 

What I like the most about working with artificial intelligence is the freedom to create scenarios that could not or would be difficult to materialize in real life. It allows you to explore crazy artistic concepts and it allows you to really let your imagination run wild and be inspired. I find it’s a fantastic creative tool for making moodboards too, for getting ideas for concepts, for communicating with your team and it’s also a hobby that’s both relaxing and stimulating.

Do you see yourself moving more into a career with AI art rather than makeup artistry in the future? 

I don’t think I’ll give up makeup for a career as a digital artist. At the moment I’m interested in both and they both allow me to express myself. I’ve always been interested in concept design and art direction so I can explore that with both makeup and AI. But my first love is still the paintbrush, the real paintbrush that you can hold in one hand, so I don’t see a future where I’m always going to be in front of my computer. I’m surfing the AI ​​wave as much as I like, then we’ll see.

Do your AI tools also create your beautiful captions? Love them too! 

I spend a lot of time looking for these beautiful quotes and poems so that they have a connection with the series that I publish. Except sometimes it really takes me too long… so I sometimes turn to ChatGPT to have a personalized caption in a few seconds. #Guilty!

What careers or lifestyles did you dream of becoming as a child? 

When I was young I wanted to be an archaeologist, it’s a career that still interests me because I’m fascinated by history and I’m extremely curious but I have absolutely no courage to go back to school… so we will forget about it. Haha! 

What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of makeup and AI?  

Dogs, travel, live music, cooking, ramen, anime and a weird passion for true crime podcasts.

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Kayla MiChele
Kayla MiChele

Kayla MiChele is a celebrity and fashion beauty artist who is interviewed in the pages of Vogue Italia featuring her as top talent in the world. Her work is in prestigious editorials from Harper’s Bazaar to W to Vogue with clients for fashion brands ranging from Tom Ford to Chanel. Kayla's beauty expert collaborations include indie clean beauty brands to leading cosmetic brands Estée Lauder to L'Oréal. She began her career assisting hair stylist Guido Palau backstage at fashion shows from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs. Since then, she has worked with top models and iconic artists including Vanessa Hudgens, A$AP Rocky, Jared Leto, Joan Smalls, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid.

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