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Tap into the nostalgia with these Kevyn Aucoin interview videos, that were captured in the 90’s complete with grainy picture and 90’s music, to witness the light and passion behind the eyes of the famous makeup artist who became an industry icon.

In these videos, Kevyn shares intimate moments of his life from his painful childhood story to being most proud of himself for not what he accomplished in life, but for allowing himself to be genuinely who he authentically was, regardless of the consequences.

He takes us on a trip down memory lane sharing his most special career triumphs, including the time he found out about his first booking to work with VOGUE magazine with Steven Miesel. He even offers some advice on how to work with celebrities that may make beauty artists nervous, proving that the energy of first impressions means everything.

As Kevyn shares his stories and perspectives, his words and messages are so inspiring and heart touching. His understanding of nurturing and connecting with the inner beauty of the soul comes through as a common theme to how he approached his work. He led with a soul connection to inspire his creative endeavors and create meaningful friendships with superstars of women who once decorated his childhood bedroom walls.

Enjoy the beauty of Kevyn Aucoin’s legacy that he created for the world that lives on forever.


A perfect introduction to the world of Kevyn Aucoin

“I was told by one psychic that my mission in life was to teach about beauty of the soul.”

– Kevyn Aucoin


Defining decades in fashion

“I think grunge was just sort of an anarchist attitude about beauty. Women really just standing up. Almost a feminist sort of point of view of women saying that they didn’t have to wear makeup and look pretty all the time to be accepted. So I thought that was a very important part of the evolution of fashion.”

– Kevyn Aucoin on the 90’s


Celebrating one’s uniqueness

“If you wait your whole life for somebody else to tell you it’s okay to be you, you might wait forever. So you have to decide right now it’s okay to be you… You are not deciding what you want to be, you’re deciding to be who you are and that’s really I think the most important thing. Is to respect and honor your truth.”

– Kevyn Aucoin

“I am empowering women. My goal in life is to have women take over the world.”

– Kevyn Aucoin


Kevyn Aucoin interview in his apartment and celebrity clients testimonials

“In the beginning it was really terrifying to work with people that were celebrities, people that I really liked or whatever. They can tell right when you touch their face, right when you start doing the makeup whether you know what you’re doing or not. If you go in with trepidation, they know that, they can see that. It’s like a german Shepard, you’re not supposed to show you’re afraid.”

– Kevyn Aucoin

“I know that for some people, winning an award for doing makeup may seem silly. But you see in the context of my life, it means I not only survived my past but that I somehow succeeded.”

– Kevyn Aucoin Speech for the First Best Makeup Artist at the CFDA Awards in 1994


The ‘Making Faces’ book launch party

“My ex boyfriend was the one who came up with the idea, and he said, “You have to do a book”.

– Kevyn Aucoin


How makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin started and coming full circle

“I have fantasies of like a room full of makeup in it. I open the door and it pours on me and I just roll around in it.”

– Kevyn Aucoin

“… The next day they called up and said we want to book you for VOGUE with Steven Meisel and Meg Tilly. I cried for two days, I called my mother. It was the happiest day of my life.”

– Kevyn Aucoin

“It’s sad when people take someone who is different and throw them out. When they don’t realize they have something very important there, something special they can learn from. We all can learn from people who are different.

– Kevyn Aucoin


His inspiration and creative direction for his book ‘Face Forward’

“The story of the Mary, Queen of Scots is that Elizabeth I, her cousin, felt unattractive compared to Mary, Queen of Scots. So she put her in the Tower of London for seven years and eventually beheaded her. Mary, Queen of Scots knew her power, she knew her beauty, and there’s this sort of smirk in the photograph with a little bit of that knowingness, that if you behead me, that I will still exist.”

– Kevyn Aucoin on the creative direction behind transforming Tori Amos into Mary, Queen of Scots for his book “Face Forward’

I hope you enjoyed these Kevyn Aucoin interview videos and quotes. They really help to paint the picture of why he is so loved and admired.

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