Redefine Inner Beauty with Near Death Experiencer’s Uplifting Stories about the Other Side

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A moment in life comes where we all start to wonder… What is the purpose of our miraculous existence and where do we go after this life? Is death an illusion? 

In an open minded deep desire to explore belief systems, I discovered documentaries and books that shared the enlightening stories of people who have “passed away”, took a tour of the other side and then came back to share their story with the world. 

These uplifting story tellers are called near death experiencers or NDE. I believe that hearing what they have to say will help to heal and empower the inner beauty of humanity. 

I found these stories to be the richest source for defining and shaping my own perspective to the answers of these mysterious questions on the topics of life’s purpose and the afterlife. A summary in my own interpretation of 3 phrases from the most profound commonalities of the messages shared from the memories of the NDE’s is…  Eternal energy. Unconditional love. Home sweet home.

Eternal energy. Unconditional love. Home sweet home.

The messages are beyond uplifting. They are teaching us that the people that we have lost along the way are actually right here with us. 

The messages teach us that everyone transcends into a different realm and that death is an illusion. 

The messages inspire us to be less fearful. That to be less fearful of dying allows us to be less fearful to actually live.


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Commonalities of near death experiencers according to Dr. Raymond Moody

Thanks to pioneer researcher and author Dr. Raymond Moody we can learn about this mysterious topic. He conducted a case study on over 2000 near death experiencers who have shared their vivid stories with him for his research. I was most interested in hearing the commonalities that he mentions in his interviews, books and documentaries. Here are some key takeaways of the NDE commonalities from his knowledge that I felt inspired to make a list of his most interesting points.

  • They don’t realize right away that they “died” 
  • They can see everything around them that is happening and hear everything and even hear the thoughts of people 
  • They can see loved ones by popping over to where they are and see what they are doing 
  • They feel an indescribable feeling of bliss that transcends words as soon as leaving the body. They overcome with a tremendous sense of joy, a kind of ecstasy and no more pain.
  • They don’t feel bad for the body they left and feel free from it 
  • They see a tunnel of light 
  • Greeted by s presence of a guardian angel
  • Greeted by loved ones where they meet, greet and help through the transition 
  • Greeted by a presence of light that people call God or some sense the presence as their higher self 
  • This energy of light is full of deep unconditional love
  • One of these energies says that everything is going to be ok
  • A panoramic view life review occurs 
  • The being of light is interested in the knowledge you have learned along the way as if even though you have died, the learning still goes on because what we learn here we take with us into the next realm 
  • Overall the experience seems to be all about the love, knowledge and understanding they have acquired in the incarnation
  • They are either given a choice to go back or told that it’s not your time to go yet because you have things left to accomplish so you must go back 
  • Regardless of religious beliefs they all have the same experiences
  • Atheists are transformed after they come back to life and say that there is a God and there is life after death 
  • There are accounts of people being able to say things that they saw or heard while on the other side so when they come back it brings validation that they were conscious in spirit form to what happens in this reality
  • When people come back they say the biggest lesson and importance of their life is all about love, a focus on how to love others
  • They have no more fear of death whatsoever, they view it as a place to be very happy to return to when the time comes

7 profound quotes from near death experiencers


“It’s not what we think. There are two things that humans are afraid of. Death and how powerful you are. Throw death out the window folks. It’s an illusion. So there is only how powerful you are left. It’s time to wake up and learn just how powerful you are because you hold all the answers. All we can do is turn the light on for you. The rest is up to you…”


“I was in a severe accident and I left my body. I went up over the scene and saw and felt and heard all of the feelings of the people below me as I watched my body and watched all the people. It was the most extraordinary experience I’ve ever had and I remember it clearly, so clearly. I was far from unconscious, I was more conscious than I ever was. It was an expanded consciousness…” 

Lisa Garr (Near death experiencer by cause of car accident) | Inspirations – Raymond Moody on Near Death Stories of Hope and Healing

“Generally what people who almost die and recover tell us was that it was far from being a bad experience. It was in fact the highlight of their life. They say that they enter into an entirely different realm of existence… I’ve heard people say I never felt so alive as when I heard my doctor say I was dead… Constantly people tell me that when they leave their body and almost die that they feel like they are waking up, and that by contrast this reality that we are in now becomes just like a shadow or unreal or surrealistic, and that the real world is on the other side…”


There was a slight buzzing at the ear and I felt myself pop out of my body. I don’t know how I came out, I was just suddenly out of the body. Then I sat on the head of the bed for a minute to look around. Then I found myself floating up to the ceiling and I was looking down. And they said, “She’s gone”. I couldn’t believe it and I thought, well who’s gone? I was trying to look down to see. I felt a presence with me. Guardian angels are what they were… I feel myself going in an upward motion. The tunnel itself is not too big, just room for one person to go in one at a time. It doesn’t touch you or I didn’t reach out and touch the walls. I feel myself going up as I’m looking at bright light at the end of the tunnel. As I’m going along I see the gray area and I did not stop to go in and see just what was going on. I went on to this beautiful pasture valley of flowers, bright beautiful light, brilliant color.  Nothing here is like it at all… With the light, there is this panoramic view of my life. It starts with birth. It continues right onto where we are at this point, all at the same time. I am part of the view, as well as watching it. I am actually doing these things. I guess it’s a speeded up version. Like a camera that just runs double time or something. I actually had the feelings of what was going on as I saw it and also sitting off to the side and being able to look around and look at the different things that we’re going on at different times in my life…. This baby appears to me and says “Hi, I am your brother”… It was telepathy. And he shows himself to me as a small infant dressed in a cap and a long dress with knitted socks and tells me, “Look me over and remember how I look this way and you can tell our father when you get back and he’ll tell you it happened”. Then when I was able to talk to him, my dad said, “Well, I don’t know how you know that because nobody but your mother, the doctor and I knew about these things…”


“No one gets out of here dead, that’s really the truth of the matter… If you want to find out what is going on, talk to hospice nurses and nurses in ICUs, because they got this a long time ago. They see enough evidence when a patient passes over that it’s simply not the end of everything. When a physical body dies, it’s actually a release of the soul. In fact what I would say is that conscious awareness is greatly enhanced when it’s freed up from the shackles of the physical brain, completely outside of space and time. It’s a much richer, more profound existence… I was rescued by a slowly spinning, very clear white light with fine gold and silvery tendrils coming off of it. And it had a perfect musical melody and as it came towards me slowly spinning, it opened up like a rip in fabric… and led up into this brilliant, ultra real valley. What I call a gateway valley. Now it’s a gateway because it was only kind of the entry point to multiple levels going all the way out to the core. But that I believe, that gateway valley is the same realm that I believe all journeyers into the spiritual realm over thousands of years have encountered that same thing and then we come back with some of our prior beliefs and our personal mindset kind of shaping it with our words and language reflects that, but in fact when you read many of these thousands of accounts, what stands out are the similarities. Like in my particular case, the gateway valley… I was a speck of awareness on a butterfly when there were millions of other butterflies. They were flying in these looping spirals. They were of colors beyond the rainbow, very much like a kaleidoscope. They were flying down into lush greenery. This valley was absolutely fertile, rich, and lush with life and creation with no sign of any damage or decay. And going into that I remember sensing the flower buds blossom on trees. Everything was always open and dynamic, creating and blooming, every bit of it. Down below in this valley were thousands of what I call in my early writings villagers. They were souls in between lives with lots of joy, dancing, merriment, children playing, dogs jumping. I mean incredible festivities and it was all being driven because up above were these golden orbs of light swooping, leaving sparkling trails against that blue black velvety sky and always seeming lit by these billowing clouds of color. And in fact the best part about it was that I wasn’t alone and everything I witnessed in that realm there was a partner on the butterfly wing who I came to call my guardian angel. A beautiful woman and I’ll never forget how she looked at me, how she was sitting, how she was dressed. No she didn’t have wings but we were sitting on what I interpreted as butterfly wings or a magic carpet. She was just sitting there looking as angelic as could be. No wings. Her message to me I believe was, “You are deeply loved and cherished forever you will be taken care of. You have nothing to fear”. Those were the most fundamentally important lessons of the journey and I remember this soft breeze that blew through, that in my early writings I called the breath of God or divine wind…”


“All of the sudden I heard this statement, “He’s gone”. It was the paramedic making that statement to the driver. At that point I was standing behind the paramedic. I was watching him work on my body… I had a panoramic view of my life. Every feeling, every thought, every action, every deed, all at the same time. And as it started happening, I began to see how I affected the person that I had the encounter with or the experience with… and believe me there’s nothing hidden in your life… You will see the things that you did out of your heart, helping an old woman, picking the kids up, helping someone. An action that you take uncalculated, unthought, just out of the goodness of your heart. These things peril through the universe, not your great accomplishments, not what you achieve or what you think has value. The little things have value.. And when you look at it, look at it from a place to review and to be critical of yourself not to be judged or condemned. There’s no condemnation in it, there’s none. Just look at yourself. Look who you really are and look at what you’ve done. And then give it a value in the eyes of God. The death experience gives you a value of what love is, that you are so deeply loved. You begin to sense a part of yourself that is greater and far more magnificent than you ever give yourself credit for… I never wanted to come back. I would not trade it today for the few moments I had to spend on the other side. I wouldn’t trade it for 20 of these lives. And when I had to come back, I came back dragging, kicking and scratching, because I didn’t want to… “


“I saw life as an infinite light, as an everlasting being. We cannot die because we are already created to live forever. The dimension of spirit is everlasting life. Death does not exist. Don’t be afraid. Death is only a railroad station where you come to go to another life…”

Dr George Rodonia, PHD (Near death experiencer by cause of car accident) | Life After Life documentary

In this journey of learning more about our spirit and soul, our inner beauty is quite literally blossoming, expanding and waking up to our fullest potential. Explore more of the thousands of near death experiencer’s stories to hear more mesmerizing details about their voyage to the other realm, as they share that there is something that will happen to all of us – life after death. Follow your heart, your intuition, and your own path knowing that there is so much more beyond this and from their perspective… it’s heavenly.

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