4 Wellness Steps to Keeping Clients as a Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist

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A beautiful aspect of you is to be an uplifting person because most of the time it’s not necessarily the things people do or say that is remembered, but more the way we make a person feel.

Needless to say, this thing called life can have its challenging moments for all people. So to be a breath of fresh air for a person is a gift beyond anything material.

I believe that infusing wellness and mindfulness into your service experience will not only be memorable for your client but will also create a more enriched work experience for you as well.

In any competitive industry there is always the important element to consider of “What makes me different, memorable, and asked to come back?”

By implementing some of these good vibes wellness steps to your client beauty rituals, you will cultivate stronger relationships.

We may not always have a lot of extra time for pampering details to add into our service but for example only a one minute head or face massage at the beginning of the glam can really set the tone for a happy client who wants to see more of you.

These are a couple of my signature career and kit secrets that are sure to delight and set good energy.

Wellness rituals to include with makeup artist & hair stylist services to enrich the senses

step 1


Relaxing, uplifting high vibrational music that feels like you’re working at a spa in Tulum. Enjoy while reading this article.

Create a couple of playlists just in case you find yourself with a client in a silent room and you feel like suggesting some music to uplift the vibe. But remember that silence can be golden and really rejuvenating for clients, especially if they have overstimulating lives. Ask the client what kind of music they want to listen to. Never assume of course that the music you would love to play is the right fit for your client. Suggest high vibrational meditation music if it is first thing in the morning to help set the rest of the day up for success.

step 2


One of my signature elements to my own personal service style as a celebrity hair stylist and men’s groomer always includes an infusion of aromatherapy.

I always start by putting a couple drops of essential oils on my wrists and neck as a natural fragrance, as I set up my work station. I usually find the makeup artists I work next to asking me to give them some as well. Then I typically notice that when people enter the room they usually mention their love for the scent that is filling the air and will ask for more details on what has delighted their nose.

Sometimes I add the essential oils into a beautiful carrier like rosehip seed oil and apply the blend directly onto my client’s hair or skin.

Another staple technique of mine is dropping about 5 drops into my water spray bottle, which is a stunning sensation when sprayed as the scent dances across the room in water droplets making it a fab natural room fragrance as well. I love a great multipurpose moment.

These little treasures are mood uplifting concentrated extractions from plants that can reduce anxiety and headaches, offering a calming atmosphere and some even help with focusing.

When in downtown NYC be sure to treat yourself to a fabulous essential oil boutique experience called Enflurage. I have even taken formulation classes there as well.

I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE lavender, frankincense, and palo santo!

PURA D’OR Organic Essential Oils Wood Box Gift Set
step 3


Back in the day when I first started my career as a cosmetologist, I entered the salon world as a shampoo assistant. My first time training as a shampoo technician, the salon trained me to give a one minute head massage to all the clients while the conditioner was in the hair.

This unexpected treat of a massage which goes beyond the typical client expectation is something I learned to value through this experience that has stayed with me through the years because it makes it more memorable and buzz worthy.

I noticed when later working at several other salons that the cherished head massage was not standard in the salon culture, yet I made sure my client received the massage always. Let me tell you, they absolutely loved it!

When I got more into session hair styling on photoshoots I didn’t include a massage into my service for many years.

Until one day I had an aha moment when I was about to start a do and go client. Meaning you do the client’s hair at a location of their choose and then go when it is finished typically the client is headed to an event whether it’s social or press.

She came fresh out of the shower to sit at her vanity to begin and it took me back to my shampoo bowl days. I asked her if she would like a head massage because some people don’t like massages. She was shocked by the suggestion and really excited to receive one. I massaged her head and shoulders for a couple of minutes because I knew we had some extra time and I wanted to make a great first impression with my new high profile client. I swear to this day I believe one of the main reasons she rebooked me so much was because of the massage.

Makeup artists are also so appreciated when they implement massages into their service during the skincare prep as well. Focusing on the temples and adding in some adrenal drainage techniques are always sure to please.

Massage time etiquette should always be nice and quiet during the massage so the client can really get lost in the wonderful experience.

I love using this Rose Quartz Face Massager Set when I do skincare. I also have my own set next to my bed and love to use it at night and especially when I have a headache.

Rose Quartz Face Massager Set
step 4

Mindful Communication

Keep the energy positive, avoid talking about topics that can stir up negative emotion. For example, saying things that seem like they could be innocent like “I prefer NYC over LA”, I have seen clients personalities transform into a bad mood after hearing a statement like that.

Consulting to ask what products the client loves or dislikes is a really great idea. For example some people strongly dislike hairsprays while another client would think a hairspray is absolutely necessary. I like to quickly ask about product preferences right in the beginning so everyone is on the same page and the vibe doesn’t get strange with the expectations.

In conclusion, client’s can look at their beauty artists as an extension of their family, someone that can be a safe space for them and we have all felt even like their therapist at one point in time. Implementing some of these steps will position you as the kind of “therapist” anyone can appreciate and look forward to see more of.

Do you implement any of these wellness rituals into your life at home or professionally? Please share in the comments below. Stay tuned for more career tips for The Beauty Artist Collective. Sign up for our newsletter.



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Kayla MiChele
Kayla MiChele

Kayla MiChele is a celebrity and fashion beauty artist who is interviewed in the pages of Vogue Italia featuring her as top talent in the world. Her work is in prestigious editorials from Harper’s Bazaar to W to Vogue with clients for fashion brands ranging from Tom Ford to Chanel. Kayla's beauty expert collaborations include indie clean beauty brands to leading cosmetic brands Estée Lauder to L'Oréal. She began her career assisting hair stylist Guido Palau backstage at fashion shows from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs. Since then, she has worked with top models and iconic artists including Vanessa Hudgens, A$AP Rocky, Jared Leto, Joan Smalls, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid.

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