How to Manifest Dreams to Come True Inspired by a Manifestation Story

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From moving to NYC with no connections to being featured in an interview as top talent in the world in the pages of Vogue Italia. One thing is for sure, my mantra “All my dreams come true!”, has help guide me to the sweet synchronicities of many of my deepest dreams to actually come true.

I hope that with sharing my story you will feel empowered to believe in yourself, that you are magical and with some basic law of attraction ancient wisdom your life can be everything you want and more!

One of my favorite topics for Documentary Beauty is sharing people’s success stories, their manifestation journeys and to inspire people to live happier more fulfilling lives.

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Let’s dive straight into my top manifesting tips and you will see how these have related to my own dreams come true manifestation story and will certainly help you!

How manifestation works

Science is now proving that the law of attraction and mind over matter is absolutely a real phenomenon. I have been straight up obsessed with researching all about these topics for countless years and I’m so excited to inspire you to do some research on these fascinating subjects and start playing with your own manifestation rituals to see how much of an innate powerful manifestation creator you most definitely are!

“The word ‘manifestation’ means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality.” – Berkeley Well-Being Institute

Manifesting methods

Set the good vibes by listening to one of my favorite meditation frequencies

I love to listen to meditation positive energy frequency music before bed and relaxing moments, while writing articles, or creating art. I also set the intention to have my family experience these sound baths at home a couple times of week as well.

I invite you to play this music while you read this article as it really helps to set the vibe.

VIDEO: Manifestation Music to Raise Your Vibration

With great joy I am happy to share with you a personal collection of notes from my studies inspired by some of the most profound perspectives around the globe in the expertise of manifestation.

My manifestations are coming true tips

It’s time to dive deeper than a manifestation journal practice and no longer wonder why “my manifestation is not working”. Here’s some of my most noteworthy moments in my journey of manifesting my dreams.

  • Success with manifesting your desires works best by creating great habits as a lifestyle rather than relying on a moment of ritual.
  • Cultivate a more mindful lifestyle by paying attention to how you think and feel. The most important factor to understand is that your thoughts and words are attracting into your life the topics that you give your attention to.
  • Intense emotional energy, like rage or deep love, multiples your attraction like a powerful magnet with much more amplification.
  • Create life enhancing habits by practicing mantras as a daily ritual. Repetition equals more attraction power. For example, look in the mirror and recite uplifting “I am” statements. A couple of my favorites are… “I am healthy, I am happy, I am pure positive energy, I am a powerful money magnet, I am love, I am attracting positive people and experiences into my life, I am grateful for my family, I am guided in the path of least resistance to all my dreams coming true at the perfect timing.”
  • Work on shifting your perspective and observation away from negative thoughts and things as much as possible. Simply put negative attracts negative.
  • Combine a positive attitude mindset about anything and everything as much as possible.
  • Getting lost in any art medium from painting, gardening, journaling or dancing especially for long period of times really help to raise your vibration.
  • The higher the vibration, the faster all the good manifestations come to fruition.
  • Be mindful of vibe killers and pivot your attention as soon as possible to anything you feel grateful for.
  • Help shift your vibration higher by taking some deep breaths. Renew the flow of energy within the body with fresh oxygen by using a simple breathing technique I learned in yoga. Push the air all the way of the lungs to the very last drop and hold. Then fill the lungs completely full and hold. Repeat several times. This cleansing breath technique really feels amazing.
  • Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations. Make a gratitude journal and show up for it everyday. Make long lists of what you are grateful for or just simply write down lists of things that feel good to you. This will help you attract more of what you are writing down into your life. Remember that like attracts like.
  • Be a kid again! Do whatever lit you up as a kid, write a list about what those things were. Add those activities into your daily or weekly lifestyle. Tapping into your inner child will raise your vibration and also give you some clues about where your happy places truly are.
  • Ask, belief and receive. You do not need to tell the universe how manifestations will come into fruition. You simply just need to ask, believe and receive. Quite frankly, if you start to tell the universe HOW something will materialize for your dreams to come true, then you are quite literally blocking an infinite of potentials of how your dreams could actually manifest. Be open minded and just trust in the universe that you will receive rather than tell the universe how it should manifest the dream.
  • Studying law of attraction books and documentaries has taught me that this is an important factor. The notion to believe that what you desire is already yours. Play the part! One example that I was taught was that if you dream of owning a Ferrari car, then go test drive it at a dealership, see your own hands on the steering wheel, feel the wind as you drive it and deeply bask in the moment of you and the car having a life experience together. Go to car shows and spend time with the car, put the car on a Pinterest board, a vision board or better yet on a vibration board (more on this soon, I promise it’s on the content calendar). Hang out with people that own the car. The more that the car is in your reality the better, even though it may not officially be in your name yet. The more you experience the car the more you are in alignment to receive it.
  • Setting intentions all day long with a manifestation ritual called segment intending really helps to shape the moment to moment of every day life. This is such a fascinating way to start testing and proving to yourself what a powerful creator you are of your reality. The book ‘Ask and it its Given’ by Abraham Hicks is a great place to start on your journey to master manifestation.

My first time learning about law of attraction

So I recall the exact moment when I heard the term law of attraction for the first time and I will never forget. It was 2008, I was walking close to my apartment in East Village, downtown NYC after I just moved there. I was having a phone conversation with my mom and I recall saying to her that I feel like all my dreams come true. I mentioned several examples like moving to NYC and said that I feel like there is an energy where if I really want something it eventually falls into my lap without me trying to make it happen.

My Mom then asked me if I ever watched the documentary called ‘The Secret’. If I only knew this concept sooner!!

I did not watch the film and I wasn’t too familiar with these topics at all at the time. So I watched the film and there it all started.

Moving to NYC to pursue a dream

I’m not sure if everyone goes through a stage of wanting to become famous or recognized as being great at whatever they do, but I felt this energy as a child and I just knew that NYC was the place for me to make it happen! Legacy is important to me in a career and family sensibility.

Attracting NYC without even knowing it

Now that I understand the dynamics of law of attraction, it is so cool to reflect on everything I recall I did that manifested moving to NYC as my reality, without having any clue at the time how powerful those moments were for my dreams to come true.

I never chased NYC… it fell into my lap!

Feeling good while exposed to NYC which helped me better visualize it as a reality

Growing up a short 1 hour and 45 min drive into Manhattan, I have many memories of my Mom taking me to see Broadway shows like CATS and shopping on Broadway. I could always see myself living there one day. Growing up I always admired anyone who lived in NYC or used to live there. There was this unexplainable feeling that it was something made for me.

An important part of manifesting is believing in the dream as a true destiny, a real possibility and believing to be absolutely worthy of receiving the dream. Basically, it is very helpful to imagine and visualize the dream as your reality already.

So frequently spending time in NYC made it very easy to have a strong connection of visualizing myself having NYC as a part of my life.

Good vibes journaling

Some of my most memorable lessons from school as a young child and teenager were the creative writing lessons and I’m happy my parents saved some of them so I can look back on them. I have vintage journals from my middle school years with journal entries prompted by the teacher titled “If I had a million dollars I would….”

The entry I wrote was a story about how I took all my friends to New York City in a limo and all the adventures we would have there.

Divine intervention, guardian angel, or a gift from the heavens?

One of the elementary school projects saved that is deeply cherished is a book that my brother made for me as one of his own school projects. My brother Nate has transitioned off the earth a very long time ago, so perhaps he has a role in this manifestation?

When he created the book for me, he was assigned to interview me about my life and use the answers to write a story. I do not recall my interview answers but one thing is for certain. The story he created was a journey of me experiencing NYC. At that time I had never even been to NYC yet, so I’m not so sure of the connection.

The manifestation fell into my lap with no chase required

The most noteworthy part of this story is how it all manifested.

I met my husband after hitting on the hottest guy at a resort while on vacation far away from home. Something in the universe told me to go give this man my number. We were attached by the hip from that moment on. He almost immediately moved in with 21 year old me (and my Mom Ha!) He dropped out of his last semester in college and enrolled in the local cosmetology school. Wild!

I don’t even recall, but at some point early on in the relationship I mentioned to him that I always dreamed of moving to NYC. But I never actually tried to make it happen. It was just a dream.

He had a conversation unannounced to me with his father about my dreams. And out of the blue his dad asked around to his NYC friends and it just so happened that a friend of a friend was looking for renters in the East Village of Manhattan in a VERY great priced opportunity that was pretty unbelievable. We were invited to move there in 30 days!

We didn’t have a savings and I didn’t have a plan to move out of home anytime soon. No job, no connections and barely knew anyone there. But I couldn’t imagine anything better than moving to NYC! I sold my BMW for some cash and transitioned to an incredible chapter of my life.

My now father-in-law paid for our rent for the first year to help us get on our feet … wow right?

I am sharing the details because it is so important to see how the universe figured it all out for me. I was in alignment with NYC and I didn’t need to figure it all out. It was meant for me and it simply arrived.

“Talking about making it in New York!”

Moving forward almost 10 years to my anniversary of becoming a New Yorker.

On April 19th, 2017, Harper’s Bazaar lit up the Manhattan sky with a larger than life exhibition on the Empire State Building spanning 42 stories, featuring 15 decades of the most celebrated images from Bazaar’s archives.

I was thrilled to learn that the show was opened with an image that I styled the hair.

My friend, celebrity makeup artist Christine Cherbonnier, shared some congratulatory words that really stuck with me … “Talking about making it in New York!” 

In celebration of our 150th birthday, we projected 150 of the most iconic images from the pages of Harper’s BAZAAR on the Empire State Building with help from our friends at Tiffany & Co. last night, giving way to the chicest light show New York has ever seen.” – Harper’s Bazaar 

150 iconic Harper’s BAZAAR images projected on the Empire State Building to celebrate their 150th birthda

Manifesting interviews and being published in prestigious publications as a beauty expert

Soon after I graduated high school I attended a community program to learn how to become a business owner. I knew I wanted to have a career to be proud of but I didn’t yet know exactly what path was meant for me. A typical teenager story.

The class began with goal setting in our workbook. I wrote down the types of career titles that interested me which included everything that I eventually became a part of as an editorial hairstylist and now the creative director and founder of Documentary Beauty.

The list included model, actress, hair stylist, makeup artist among others. The industries included the entertainment industry and publishing industry with my biggest fascination for creating art for magazines with a focus on working with supermodels because they photograph like a work of art. That is what excited me the most. Though I didn’t pinpoint the exact career title that I was set out to do, at least I knew where my interests were.

The one thing that was for certain was that no matter what I become in the professional journey, I wanted to be recognized for my talent. I wrote down that my main goal was to be well known for whatever career I found myself in.

Fast forward to over a decade I found myself published as a contributor and in interviews in the pages of magazines that I always dreamed of including VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, ALLURE, ELLE, W, V and Interview.

VOGUE Italia interview feature as top talent in the world

The interview that I am most proud of manifested into my life. An Italian VOGUE feature and interview was a dream beyond the dream.

At moments it felt like a publication reserved for the talent seasoned of over several decades of experience. It felt like it was an exclusive club that only the same names had access to collaborate with them. This was the time when legends Steven Meisel, Pat McGrath and Guido Palau were responsible for almost all of their covers.

My dream of being a part of VOGUE Italia knocked on the door. The Instagram door to be exact.

The year of 2017 was an incredible journey in my career. One of my proudest moments happened when I was surprised with an introduction from a beauty editor based in Milan who works for VOGUE Italia, the lovely woman is, Vittoria Filippi Gabardi. She mentioned that she follows me on Instagram and that she would like to publish some of my looks as she plans to make an overview of the most interesting beauty names and talents and would love to feature my work and point me as one of the greatest talent of the moment. So cool!

She asked for my portrait, bio and archival images that are my favorite in my body of work. With the submission of the photos, I explained that a lot of the images that are my favorite in my body of work evoke more of a fine art vibe rather than fashion imagery, which is why she will see some nudes.

Several months later, I received the issue by mail, covered with a beautifully naked and yoga posed model shot by Sølve Sundsbø, I was in a “pinch me I’m dreaming” state of mind seeing that my interview followed after Guido Palau’s interview. My feature was on page 34 of the November issue in VOGUE Italia, where I learned that the image that they decided to feature of my work had a special place in my heart!

They chose to feature one of the images from the Documentary Beauty exclusive launch cover story starring Joan Smalls. I was thrilled to learn this because this image is very personal to me, as this photoshoot was my debut shoot as a creative director and it also birthed my brand new baby Documentary Beauty.

I did a google translation of the article and learned that I need to have a professional translator help me out with a few of the sentences as they all do not make perfect sense. But here it is.


For KAYLA MICHELE the hair styling is a way of doing art: “She has the magic of transforming people”

“My source of inspiration is nature, it is street style, all hybrids and architecture. When I have full creative freedom I am not afraid of using a balloon to create static electricity in the hair. The creative process is very important. The creativity it repeats itself, returns like a mantra are the words of Kayla MiChele, highly acclaimed international hairstylist talent. She is 32 and lives in New York: “I love to laugh and feel good. I’m a tomboy, incredibly passionate and grateful to life”. Her career started immediately under a good star, Guido Palau: “One of my dearest friends, Erin Parsons, was Pat McGrath’s assistant. It was she who introduced me to Guido to accompany him in work around the world. With him I refined my aesthetic. I think he really deserves to be defined an icon! ” Hair for Kayla are “A means of making art. They have the magical power to transform people. They give you the chance to have an alter ego”. Dialogue fascinates her professional peers: Sometimes they are a little bored with all this beauty minimalism. Even if, after all, it is the essence of the modern woman. Except some exception: the look created by Alexander McQueen for spring-summer 18 is the example of all we hope to see, on an artistic level. A true inspiration. 2018 promises to be full of commitments, including the launching of a line of natural luxury hair & skin care and a magazine online: “Documentary Beauty”.

Thank you so much to Vittoria Filippi Gabardi for the feature!!!!!

The Q&A that Vittoria and I shared is quite raw and more in depth… Check out the Q&A interview here. Documentary Beauty Founder Interviewed and Featured in the Pages of Italian Vogue

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Kayla MiChele
Kayla MiChele

Kayla MiChele is a celebrity and fashion beauty artist who is interviewed in the pages of Vogue Italia featuring her as top talent in the world. Her work is in prestigious editorials from Harper’s Bazaar to W to Vogue with clients for fashion brands ranging from Tom Ford to Chanel. Kayla's beauty expert collaborations include indie clean beauty brands to leading cosmetic brands Estée Lauder to L'Oréal. She began her career assisting hair stylist Guido Palau backstage at fashion shows from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs. Since then, she has worked with top models and iconic artists including Vanessa Hudgens, A$AP Rocky, Jared Leto, Joan Smalls, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid.

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