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All hail hair artist genius Guido Palau! Let’s be honest, the refined talent of Guido’s work is on an untouchable level, which is why he is the top hair stylist in the fashion industry, earning him a position that only a few cult-followed artists can obtain in the high fashion world.

I had the pleasure of assisting Guido backstage at the fashion week shows in New York City, Milan and Paris where the exhilaration of celebrities and supermodels pose for photo ops, the production is strict to be on time and there are four sets of hands creating mane magic per a models head when the look calls for it.

It was an incredible experience of seeing how the top artists conduct their business, please their clients and lead their team on a huge scale. The products they used, the hairstyling techniques they performed, and the rewarding experience of watching the models from backstage go out one by one down the catwalk. It was quite the spectacle!

Yet, one thing is for sure… it takes an incredible team of talent to pull it off perfectly. And of course, Guido’s team are in a league of their own and I am so proud to have experienced working with them.

Guido is the ideal example of what a genius fashion creative truly is. His ability to create characters in a non-commercialized aesthetic is what makes him so cool. His edgy vibe is what most of his assistants and quite frankly the entire industry aspires to recreate, yet no one is quite like him.

Enjoy our curated edit of Guido’s beauty art! Explore so much more of Guido Palau’s work as inspiration on Documentary Beauty’s Pinterest Mood Board.

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Kayla MiChele
Kayla MiChele

Kayla MiChele is a celebrity and fashion beauty artist who is interviewed in the pages of Vogue Italia featuring her as top talent in the world. Her work is in prestigious editorials from Harper’s Bazaar to W to Vogue with clients for fashion brands ranging from Tom Ford to Chanel. Kayla's beauty expert collaborations include indie clean beauty brands to leading cosmetic brands Estée Lauder to L'Oréal. She began her career assisting hair stylist Guido Palau backstage at fashion shows from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs. Since then, she has worked with top models and iconic artists including Vanessa Hudgens, A$AP Rocky, Jared Leto, Joan Smalls, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid.

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